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About Us

Taxi Plate Purchase and Sale

We have been performing activities in the rental, first and second hand automobile purchase and sale, automobile technical services and spare parts, rent-a-car, insurance, accounting, consultancy, tourism construction and real estate purchase and sale businesses. After starting its activities in the taxi business in Laleli in 1979, Kale Taksi opened the Oto Center branch in 1996, Istoc headquarters in 2009, Kadikoy branch in 2010 and Corlu branch in 2012 under its own brand. This way, the company has differentiated itself from competitors in the taxi business by having branches out of Istanbul. 

Kale Taksi is in the Taxi Business!

Kale Taksi started its commercial activities in Laleli district in 1979. The company became a leading player in the taxi business thanks to its high service quality standards and reliability. In addition to the services based on customer satisfaction, the company has been providing services in the fields of insurance, accounting and consultancy.

Castle Rent A Car is in the Tourism and Rent a Car Businesses!

Istanbul, which is one of the most important cities in the world, has an increasing potential for domestic and foreign tourists every dec. The increasing tourist traffic in Istanbul is increasing, and the activities for visitors are increasing every day. For this reason, we, as Castle Rent A Car, have started to provide Rent A Car service at Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport to ensure easy access for visitors to Istanbul. We provide services at our Taksim Office, Airport Mall, Kadıköy City Office so that our customers can easily reach anywhere within Istanbul with both airports.

ISTOC Kale Plaza Has Risen!

The gradually growing tourism potential of Istanbul has required a comprehensive planning for the activities to be performed in this field. In this respect, Kale Taksi started rent-a-car services under the Castle brand by opening branches at Istanbul Atatürk and Sabiha Gokcen airports

In order to be able to direct all services at a headquarters, Kale Taksi built ISTOC Kale Place in 2009 with closed area of 14 thousand square meters. At the plaza, which was established to offer higher quality and modern services to the customers, we are working with 20 strong staff of experts for taxi accounting, 30 strong staff of experts for technical service and spare parts, first hand automobile showrooms and friendly sales representatives. Dealers of leading brands including Allianz Sigorta, BRC LPG, Atiker LPG and petlas are also located at Kale Plaza.

Kale Taxi Kadikoy Branch Is at your Service!

In line with its expanding service network, Kale Taksi has opened the Kadikoy Branch on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. The branch offers taxi, automobile, consultancy, accounting and insurance services to its customers.

Kale Taksi Expands Activities in the Tourism Industry!

With the aim of being a permanent actor in the tourism and hotel-accommodation industries, Kale Ticaret purchased a land of 7,500 square meters for hotel construction on the Avcilar shore. The company continues its land investments both in and out of Istanbul for the same purpose.